Friday, February 11, 2011

XxxHolic: Volume 1

by CLAMP, 185 pages

When unhappy spirit-magnet Watanuki's legs carry him into beautiful Yûko's wish-granting shop, the young man just wants to turn right back around and leave. But his legs, and apparently fate, have other ideas and before he knows it, he's made a wish...and agreed to pay its price. Now he's got to work for Yûko until his efforts are equal to the cost of his wish. In the meantime, he has to cook, clean, and help this weird woman who invades everyone's personal space--physical and psychological--as she runs her shop and goes about her own mysterious business.

In just this first volume, the creators set up a rich, complex tale and intriguing characters, even without the title's crossover elements with Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. What's the story with Watanuki's mentioned but as yet unseen home life? And does Yûko have a personal agenda, in addition to helping her regular clients? Strange and mystical artifacts from who knows how many worlds spill over every surface in her tapestry-draped, fragrant smoke-filled shop, and the reader feels, even if she hasn't read other CLAMP titles, that each item has a story.

Coolness. More, please. :)

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