Sunday, February 6, 2011

CLAMP School Detectives: Volume 2

by CLAMP, 202 pages

Nokoru has a photographic memory when it comes to females and has a better chance of remembering the fragrance of a fan letter than he does remembering where he put an important document he's supposed to sign (the likes of which often end up in the trashcan unread). Suoh is the responsible one, perpetually frustrated with and picking up after his senior. And Akira's the kind, diplomatic innocent with cooking skills that make professional chefs eat their hats. Together, they administer all the academic and social functions of the elementary division at their private school. But when a "ghost" has the girls in the art club running away screaming, board work is forgotten and the CLAMP School Detectives are on the job.

The snarky, tweeny fluff continues.

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