The Rules

The rules:

1. The contest counts books read in 2011 only.

2. To get credit for reading a book, you must post an entry about your book on this blog. Entry must include: Name, Title, Author, # of pages, short summary. (No panicking, it doesn't have to be perfect)

3. YOU are responsible for keeping track of your own reading. Turn in monthly totals HERE.  **Turning in your monthly totals will make my job so, so much easier! Thank you in advance for helping me out.

4. We reserve the right to change the rules at any given moment to increase our competitive edge against our fellow teammates.

5. "Books" include well, books! Graphic novels, comics and unabridged audio books, yes. Cereal boxes and anime on the TV, no.
  • Picture books DO count but considering how quickly the children's librarians can take the rest of us down; 10 picture books are the equivalent of one book.

6. Prizes will be handed out on a monthly basis under a variety of categories, challenges and participation points. Everyone is empowered to throw out a challenge.
Categories & Challenges Info
Participation Points Info

7. Tagging is mucho importante. Tagging is called labels in blogger. Subjects, age level, award lists are all good to label. Please also tag your name-that will help us track you better...bwahahahaha.

Ready to get started? Follow the link below to get registered. Once you register you will be added to the authors of the blog and will be able to whip our competition!  Adding you to the blog is a manual process so please be patient!