Categories & Challenges

Prizes: Prizes will be handed out on a monthly basis under a variety of categories including but not limited to:
  • Most pages read

  • Most books read

  • Best review

  • Book cover or title that makes us giggle the most

  • Earned participation points

  • Meeting the goal you set at the beginning of contest. What's your goal? If we told you that, it would be too easy. Trust us, you've already given us your answer...

  • Random drawing in a random way by a random person for a random errr...where was I?


Challenges can be brought on by anyone participating in the reading competition. Challenges can be anything from a challenge to read the most romances in February to a challenge to read the most Gateway readers in one month. Use your imagination but keep it fun and in the spirit of healthy competition. Duels at dawn will need to be cleared with our illustrious leader.