Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Housekeeping, please read!

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Missouri Book Challenge! We are doing an awesome job and I love getting to read what everyone is reading and their opinions. It is like a mini book club for each title. We have 49 staff registered for this blog and while that is incredible, it takes some time to keep track of everything. Please help me out by doing the following.

1. Please tag each of your posts with your id name. This is how I track your posts. One of the committee members has to go through and tag each post without a name tag.

2. Please turn in your monthly stats at the end of each month. (You can find this form in the Rules) Only 10 people turned in their stats for January. This meant hunting down the information for each person and then logging it in the form. I'm not above bribery for this! Chocolate is on its way if that is what you require. 

3. Don't forget to include the page numbers in your reviews.

Keep in mind even if you don't read the most you can gather extra participation points pretty quickly by doing a review in Coolcat or reading award winners.

Thanks much and happy reading!

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