Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karakuri Odette: Volume 5

by Julietta Suzuki, 189 pages

Odette is a very lifelike robot (or karakuri) who wants to know what it's like to be human, and her indulgent creator and guardian, Professor Yoshizawa, lets her find out.

Odette may be a little odd, but she's just as human as those around her (and more so than some). In this volume, she gets frustrated with her adopted brother Chris (formerly Chris Number Seven and a robot suicide bomber sent to kill Yoshizawa) because his understanding of human emotions is not as advanced as hers. But just because he doesn't know what to do with them doesn't mean he doesn't feel them. And now that his avaricious, unscrupulous creator has returned and set his sights on co-opting Odette's technology, the little family's happiness will face a much greater threat than sibling communication problems.

This series is sweet, smart, funny, and touching. The author doesn't hit the reader over the head with her messages, instead letting the artwork and subtle relationships show, rather than tell, how Odette is growing and how those around her are, too. The characters clearly care about each other--and the reader cares about them.

The preview says the next volume is the last one?! Noooo!

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