Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck


About the Book: Kerry is a sophomore who feels invisible. When the most popular girls in school recruit Kerry to join their group, she'd ecstatic-she finally feels like she belongs. But the popular crowd aren't exactly what they appear to be-and staying popular may take more than Kerry is ready for.

Sarah Teenlibrarian says: It's hard to really review this book because saying too much will give away the spoilers-and it's a fairly short book, you don't want any spoilers or it ruins the whole thing.

I was a bit disappointed in this book. I didn't think the characters were that well fleshed out. We don't really know why the popular girls pick Kerry, we can guess it's because she's easily manipulated, though I don't think that will be clear to younger readers. We also don't really see Kerry interacting with her new friends all that much so it's not always clear why exactly she wants to be friends with them-other than they're popular, which for me, wasn't enough character development.

The twist is creepy but it takes awhile to get the full explanation and when we do it's a bit rushed and not as developed as I would have liked.

For middle school readers wanting a creepy story that reads like a scary story meets Gossip Girl, this might work. It might also be good for fans of Mary Downing Hahn or Lois Duncan.

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