Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Dexter By Design" by Jeff Lindsay

285 pages

This is the fourth book about Dexter Morgan, the somehow-lovable psychopath made famous on Showtime's popular "Dexter" series. In case you've missed it, the basic premise is that Dexter's "Dark Passenger" compels him to kill, but his late father taught him to go after only fellow murderers who have escaped justice. In this particular story, a serial killer is running around Miami creating art with dead bodies and leaving them in public. Of course, Dexter finds himself getting involved and before he knows it, the "artist" is after him--and, even worse, the killer has solid evidence to incriminate Dexter of his favorite nighttime activities.

I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the Dexter novels so far, and this one was no exception. Dexter's dark sense of humor cracks me up, and his narration has me smiling or laughing on every page. I think it's interesting to get into the mind of a psychopath and even more fascinating to discover that I actually like him. My only complaint is that the ending is too rushed and wrapped up too neatly, which is how I felt about the first two books in the series as well.


  1. Heather, I LOVE the show Dexter and keep intending to read the books. Your post makes me sure I really need to get on the stick and read them.

  2. Kim, I highly recommend them! And hearing that you love the show convinces me that I need to watch the series. I've seen a few episodes, but I need to get my hands on them all.