Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January Winners!

January 2011 Winners

Most books read:
Jenny E. 44
Sarah B.T. 15
Pam H 11

Most pages read:
Jenny E. 10,247
Pam H. 3961
Sarah B.T. 3787

Participation points:
Jenny E. 44
Sarah B.T. 17
Nancee D.S. 14

Random Drawing Winner:
Kay C.  

As a group, we read a total of 150 titles and 45,883 pages.  Congratulations to everyone for a great first month! 


  1. I do love a good comic book!! Of course, it helps (a LOT) that I have no TV reception.... *sigh* :P
    Our team rocks! Everybody keep reading! I want to read more reviews! How many exclamation points can I use in one comment?!?!

  2. I LOVE reading everyone's reviews-like Jen said, it's like a mini book club for each book. My book nerd heart loves it!:)