Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save the Date by Jenny B Jones

2011/320 pgs

About the Book: Lucy Wiltshire has her dream job running a non-profit home for girls who have aged out of the foster care system but still need help getting on their feet. But her investors have been pulling out and the city wants to take over her building and build a parking lot.

Alex Sinclair is a former football player who is now running for congress. He has money, but his money, good looks and charm aren’t enough to buy him a seat in congress. So his campaign manager suggests a plan-he get engaged. After a paparazzi snapped a photo of Alex and Lucy talking at a benefit, the tabloids seem to think they’re a real couple.

Alex has money, Lucy needs money. So they decide to fake a relationship and engagement to help Alex’s campaign and save Lucy’s girls home. But will their fake relationship turn into a real one?

Sarah Teenlibrarian Says: I read Jenny's blog regularly and I'm always impressed with how her books read the same way she writes her blog (and the same way she is in real in life!) Her books reflect her sense of humor and are full of laughs and pop culture references.

Save the Date is a cute romantic comedy and even though it's fairly predictable, it's still fun to read. Lucy is a SF/Fantasy nerd and she has a group of friends that meet monthly called "The Hobbits." Small details like this made Lucy an endearing character, although at times she was a bit frustrating with her lack of self-confidence. Alex is a charming, sweet and funny gentlemen and their relationship has a nice push and pull to it.

This is Christian fiction, so it does get a bit preachy. But overall it's a fun light read.

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