Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Duke's Night of Sin

By Kathryn Caskie 345 pages

Ahhh...romance.  This is a genre that is not ashamed of an implausible premise.  Take for instance, the idea of seven misunderstood siblings unfairly labelled by society as the seven deadly sins.  As a defense mechanism, each sibling agrees to embrace a sin, a plan which works well until their father, disgusted with their behavior, decides to cut them off unless they reform.

Meet Siusan Sinclair, also known as Sloth.  Afraid of being found out after a tryst with the Duke of Exeter, she runs away to be a teacher at a girl's school in Bath.  Siusan soon finds that teaching agrees with her, but her position comes with the peril of keeping secrets from everyone at the school, and most especially from one of her student's handsome guardian.

This is an entertaining story sure to appeal to historical romance fans with a good suspension of disbelief.  Fans may want to pick up the two previous novels in this series which are already in print.

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