Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Organized in the Google Era

by Douglas C Merrill

If "getting organized" makes your News Years resolution list every year, this might be a book worth checking out.
Douglas C Merrill, former chief information office of Google puts together a useful, contemporary guide for organizing our lives with all of today's useful (and sometimes overwhelming) technology. Naturally it stands to reason that someone with Mr Merrills qualifications would be an expert in all the technological gadgets at our disposal t
o keep us on track, on time, on course. He unashamedly admits to using Google as the prime example because during the time he spent with that company the employees were "expected to eat their own dog food." Yet he continues using many of their programs today because they fit his particular needs in keeping organized. Best of all he gives many different options for achieving your own specific organizational goals.
I am not a "techie." Never will be on the cutting edge of anything, much less technology. But this books offers insight and direction in the constant search for organization. Filing has been replaced by filtering, and the way we filter all the information that is now at our finger tips is the key to using it properly and most effectively.
In addition, he has a fresh and engaging approach to the genre of "self help" books. He uses a very conversational and at times "cheeky" tone in his writing that I loved. He "encodes" basic concepts he describes at the end of each chapter. Best of all the book is full of wonderful quotes to illustrate points - all taken from popular song lyrics......who knew Coldplay could be so relevant!

So this year I might actually get closer to my New Years Resolution! I'll give the books a Rock, Chalk, Jay!!!

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