Saturday, June 30, 2012

Switch: Volume 13

by Naked Ape (Saki Otoh and Nakamura Tomomi), 193 pages

Kai's partner Hal learns that his long-missing and presumed-dead father is still alive...and working for a splintering drug gang?  As betrayal from within once again threatens members of the team, the guys have to think fast and keep their focus if they want to survive, stay sane, and stop an all-out drug war.

Kai and Hal's fathers' revealed past leads into the final showdown in the present in this last volume of the series.  Kai's got some psychological issues to work out, as, in his own way, does Hal, but the two of them have relied on each other for backup and friendship before (even if neither of them remembers at the moment).  Despite all the unlikely melodrama the authors put them through, I'm glad I read their story and wish them many successful busts in the future.  But my eyes are soooo glad I don't have to read another volume....

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