Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black Bird: Volume 12

by Kanoko Sakurakoji, 192 pages

Sho goes after Kyo by going after members of his close-knit personal guard, the daitengu.  But he doesn't take into account that even the weakest links in a very strong chain are still tough to break.

I like that Kyo and Misao's relationship is pretty solid now.  Getting married has in no way derailed or deflated the story.  Actually, resolving the angsty romantic melodrama has only made their relationship and the broader story of clan bonds and tensions that much better.  I still think Misao's a wimpy thing, but she's getting tougher incrementally, which is an improvement.  She cries and worries about it every time, but at least she moves and is able to make the occasional independent decision now.

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