Saturday, June 30, 2012

Library Wars: Love & War: Volume 6

by Kiiro Yumi (story and art) and Hiro Arikawa (original concept), 188 pages

Ikku gets confused over whether or not to give Dojo chocolates on Valentine's Day and her roommate Shibuzaki struggles with the idea of letting herself be herself and accept the affection of those who care about her.  Meanwhile, the library has to figure out its stance on a censorship issue regarding an article about a minor convicted of a terrible crime.

Ikku is such a doofus.  She's earnest and strong and can shoot a gun with alarming accuracy, but she's also a bit of a klutz and a clown--most often when Dojo's around.  I like her, but she's also kind of annoying in her denseness regarding certain topics--namely, the aforementioned Dojo.  Sheesh.

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