Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kamisama Kiss: Volume 3

by Julietta Suzuki, 197 pages

Nanami inadvertently gets symbolically engaged to another shrine's shinshi, so an exasperated Tomoe has to keep an extra eye on her at school to make sure the other shinshi doesn't try to collect on the deal.  But she's an unintentional handful, that Nanami, and steps out for a just moment to run an errand while her bored bodyguard's napping....

Hee hee!  This series is mostly light but with some nice touches of melancholy and a very few dark elements to give it some depth.  This volume has a little of everything, too.  For seriousness, there's the other shinshi's situation and Nanami's brief glimpse of a very different Tomoe back in his wild fox days.  For fun, there's Tomoe going to school looking like Nanami (who's home with a fever) and dealing with his tengu / celebrity-idol rival for her affections.  It was recently announced that this series is being adapted into an anime in Japan, so I'm hoping it gets streamed or released here so I can giggle through it as I have through the books.  :)

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