Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black Bird: Volume 11

by Kanoko Sakurakoji, 190 pages

Sho's attendant Kaede helps him foment discord in the clan by encouraging villagers to ask for (or try to forcefully take) Misao's healing blood.  To shake things up even more, Sho offers to undo the block he put on Misao's memories ten years ago.  Could the truth change her relationship with Kyo?

I like the fact that Sho's not exactly voluntarily the villain anymore (he was quite content to stay dead after saving Misao's life a few volumes back, but one of his followers decided they still needed him).  But now that he's back, he feels he has no other purpose, even if his heart's not in it.  That Kaede, on the other hand, is an unpleasant, jealous young woman lacking in the empathy department.

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