Saturday, June 30, 2012

Arata, The Legend: Volume 9

by Yuu Watase, 192 pages

Hinohara's infiltration of sho Kugura's territory gets complicated due to a too-successful disguise, and then things get much worse with the arrival of Kadowaki, who's set on making Kuguru submit to him.

I like the Hinohara storyline just fine (minus the hokey bits, which are admittedly many), but I seriously want to know what's going on in the normal world with Arata and Oribe and scary Harunawa.  All we get here is a little portal-side chat between Arata and mopey Kotoha, who's trying to let go her crush on him.  Is there just nothing happening over there?  *sigh*  And now we're going to have Mikusa, a warrior woman who lives as a man for clan security reasons, starting to look at Hinohara as her destined partner.  The romantic melodrama just makes both her and Kotoha look a little foolish (in Kotoha's case, make that a lot).

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