Saturday, June 30, 2012

Library Wars: Love & War: Volume 7

by Kiiro Yumi (story and art) and Hiro Arikawa (original concept), 188 pages

An investigation into the illicit burning of library books pulls in Ikku and isolates her from her colleagues--but not everyone turns their backs on her when she needs them.  At the same time, fellow force member Tezuka is troubled by family problems.  He takes his concerns to their trusted commanding officers: could his older brother be the one targeting Ikku and the rest of the force?

It makes me crazy that Ikku's so blind to Dojo's history with her and his present feelings.  And the fact that he just lets her bumble on without clearing things up only annoys me all the more.  But maybe this new intrigue with Tezuka's idealistically-opposed sibling and his shady inside connections will distract me from the dumb lovebirds.  It'd be nice to get back into a serious library-related plot thread, anyway, so I rather look forward to seeing how the freedom-fighting gang will face off with nefariousness in the war of ideas.

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