Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ouran High School Host Club: Volume 18

by Bisco Hatori, 224 pages

Tamaki and Haruhi have finally confessed their love to each other, but they have yet to actually go on a date.  Haruhi's got something important to tell Tamaki, but he's been so busy lately, she's barely seen him outside of the host club.  Tamaki being obsessive Tamaki, though, there's a perfectly logical reason: he's majorly stressing over planning the perfect first date.  When they realize his problem, his dependable friends in the host club come to his rescue and promise to help him make it a most special and happy occasion (which naturally will involve a lot of covering for wacky Tamaki's wrong turns and excesses).

*waaaaaaaaaaaaaah*  This is the last volume!  I'm sad to leave these ridiculous kids, they make me laugh so.  But I will enjoy thinking of them as "adults" who've stuck together and gotten older and wiser and no less ridiculous.  And since Hatori kindly gives us little panels throughout with her scribbled thoughts on their futures as well as two little side stories of the months ahead, I've got plenty of fuel for imagined future shenanigans.  If they caused this much trouble as privileged teens with their own host club, think of the impact they're going to have on the world once they've got fulltime jobs with influence and have come into their trust funds....  :P  *squee*

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