Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blade of the Immortal: Volume 22: Footsteps

by Hiroaki Samura, 222 pages

A case of mistaken identity results in now one-armed Manji moving in with Rin and Sori-sensei while disgraced yet still deadly Kagimura's hand is forced by his wily replacement.  At the same time, what's left of the Ittô-Ryû regroups and Anotsu bargains with the authorities (though perhaps not on the terms they'd planned).

Ha!  Poor Manji can't catch a break and Rin's still so worried about him that she won't even let him feed himself.  Their amusing little moments (and those of Sori-sensei's odd-couple new art students) are a needed break after all the tension of the previous volumes, but Samura doesn't let the reader drop her guard too long.  Clearly, there's some sneakery afoot on any number of fronts.  And then there's the cockroach.  Samura didn't have to remind me about him.  Though I guess knowing where he is at any given time is better than letting my imagination fill in the blanks.  Or maybe not...?

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