Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Knight: Book 4 of the Dresden Files

by Jim Butcher, 371 pages

Harry Dresden can't catch a break. He's broke, bereft and under surveillance by the White Council. While he searches for a cure for vampirism, he loses himself in the pursuit. One of his werewolf friends drags him out of his pit, and soon Butcher finds himself in a murder mystery. A murder that could bring the Fey Courts of Summer and Winter to a catastrophic war. When Harry tries to alert the White Council to the danger, no one listens to him, of course. So it's up to Harry and his few allies to solve the case and stop Fairy-geddon from happening.

What I like about the Dresden books is Harry's sarcastic and self-deprecating narration. They are steeped in geek references, yet the plot and action flows seamlessly along. One of these days Harry is probably going to get himself killed, but I think he will somehow manage to cheat death itself. Another Chicago setting too. Interesting.

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