Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wisdom's Kiss

By Catherine Gilbert Murdock
314 pages

The kingdom of Montagne is in peril!  The conniving duchess of the neighboring kingdom has schemed to remove the young queen from the throne and replace her with her silly younger sister who is engaged to the duchess's son.  But all too soon, Princess Wisdom (known as Dizzy) realizes that marrying the young duke and potentially ruling both countries is NOT what she wants.  With the help of Tips, a young soldier with a secret, and Fortitude, a serving-girl-in-love-with-Tips-turned-unexpected-lady-in-waiting, maybe Dizzy can achieve all of her dreams, save her sister, and her kingdom.  Unfortunately, it might be at the expense of Fortitude.  This story is written in letter and diary format by the main characters and others and is just fun.  And there is a cat, as if you needed another reason.

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