Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olympians: Volume 3: Hera, The Goddess and Her Glory

by George O'Connor, 77 pages

The title of this volume is a little sneaky, in that Heracles's name means "Hera's Glory," so the legendary hero gets about as much page-time as she does.

Somehow, O'Connor manages to make both vengeful Hera and philandering Zeus sympathetic.  They are who and what they are, have known so from the beginning of their tumultuous relationship, and--despite everything--they care.  That doesn't mean  they don't make each other's lives difficult, however.  With all the marital drama, you'd think this would devolve into a soap, but it never does.  Heracles's trials provide action to balance the drama.  And, as always, there's a healthy dose of giggles and the usual rich, enlightening research notes.  O'Connor also sneaks in a nice alternate explanation for the title at the very end.  Haha!

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