Thursday, May 31, 2012

Picture the Dead

By Adele Griffin
264 pages

Jennie Lovell is mourning the loss of her twin brother killed in the Civil War when her cousin and brother of her fiance comes home.  Jennie knows intuitively that her beloved Will is gone too.  This is far more serious than simply a lost love, orphaned Jennie is at the mercy of her hateful aunt and uncle, Will's parents.  Without her engagement, she is far from safe.  But what will happen to her is nothing compared to the mystery surrounding Will's death and Quinn's intentions.

I wasn't interested in this book at all, I found Jennie to be an annoying damsel in distress and less concerned about her broken heart than whether or not her aunt would allow her to have a new dress.  The premise was interesting, but done before and the characters just weren't strong enough to support it.

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