Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crimson Hero: Volume 14

by Mitsuba Takanashi, 177 pages

Haibuki's emotional issues make him a prime target for a rival school that wants to woo him for their team.  But Yushin and the guys can't make it without him--and more importantly, they don't want to--so Yushin runs after him to apologize and convince him to return to Crimson.

This being shojo, blackmailer Kaz is as miserable as the people whose lives he's thrown into chaos.  There's some justice in that, I guess, but I still think he needs to answer to somebody besides beneficent Nobara.  But I guess since he's all reformed and repentant it'd be bad form to report his backside to the authorities now, eh?  Well, at least in a romance comic.  *the justice-lover in me still cringes, regardless*

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