Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Pandemonium" (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver

375 pages

In "Delirium," Lena finally escaped from the society that outlawed love, the world that would force her to have an operation to eliminate her ability to feel emotionally attached to other human beings. It cost her dearly--Alex didn't make it--but now she's finally free in the Wilds. Unfortunately, it turns out that life outside civilization is not all it's cracked up to be. The government is actively trying to eliminate the residents of the Wilds, and every day brings danger and shortages of food. As the New England winter approaches, Lena and her group of new friends have to head south for the winter. Along the way, Lena not only meets a new love interest in a most unlikely place but also learns some shocking information about her mother--and Alex.

I thought the whole premise of "Delirium" was a bit shaky--why would the government be so opposed to love? Even if it can occasionally have negative effects, I don't understand how they justify getting rid of it. Still, I was invested in the story enough to read the next book in the series, but I didn't like "Pandemonium" much more. I don't particularly care for Lena--she seems too angsty for my taste. There isn't enough action, and the shaky premise isn't explained any further. There's a love triangle, which I am tired of. Still, I am interested in what happens, so I'll probably read the last book in the trilogy. I'd recommend this series for people who like young adult romance and just want something a little different for the setting, but it's definitely not a good pick for hard-core scifi fans.

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