Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dengeki Daisy: Volume 8

by Kyousuke Motmoi, 186 pages

Teru has lost contact with Daisy, who seems to have abandoned her out of guilt over his past. She wallows in loneliness, worry, and her own share of guilt, unable to do anything. But once she has some sense knocked into her by a concerned friend, she regains her old self, who doesn't much go for the passive role when it comes to people she cares about.

Finally! We learn the history of Daisy and Teru's brother and all the technological and political intrigue that pulled them together and set them on their paths. So sad! Knowing the source details makes it easier to accept all the melodrama that's followed. This volume also highlights the many little ways in which this series defies expectations and plays with and tweaks the standard shojo formula. You go, Teru! Go rescue your man!

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