Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Bride's Story: Volume 3

by Kaoru Mori, 207 pages

Mr. Smith tries to meet his guide to Turkey and instead has his horse stolen, gets arrested as a spy, and finds his heart wrapped up in a big, emotionally and culturally confusing mess.

The choice to follow Mr. Smith away from Amir and Karluk's home is a risky one, but it didn't take me many pages to decide I was ok with it.  We still see theirs and other familiar faces and have front-row seats to the street market, food preparation, social rules, and politics of the period and region.  Mori's research and dedication to detail in both her art and the story are just a wee bit fantastic and make every volume so far an engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable experience.  Still, the idealist / romantic in me hopes we return to some of these particular plot threads at some point in the future and tie them up with a happy knot.

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