Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tegami Bachi: Volume 6: The Lighthouse in the Wasteland

by Hiroyuki Asada, 183 pages

Lag struggles to find the right words to place inside the special bullet that could return Gauche's heart; discovers the sender of some anonymously hand-delivered postcards; gets lost in the echo of heart swirling inside an isolated lighthouse; meets the coolness-personified star Bee, Jiggy Pepper; catches a glimpse of lost Gauche's memories; and sees the place where his devoted dingo Niche was born.

I do like this series. It's shamelessly sentimental and earnest with just enough underlying zing to make you genuinely worry about what's going on in the background with Gauche and Rhoda, Reverse, and the horrible implications of dark doings within the capital.

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