Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crimson Hero: Volume 1

by Mitsuba Takanashi, 186 pages

Fifteen-year-old tomboy Nobara's family wants her put all her efforts into school and learning everything she'll need to take over their traditional Japanese inn, but all she wants is to play volleyball. She defies their wishes and enrolls in a high school with a volleyball program only to find that her mother has convinced the administration to disband the girls' team. Not one to take such interference lying down, Nobara leaves home, moves into the boys' team's dorm as their interim "dorm mother," and goes about trying to recruit enough members to reinstate a girls' team. But with resistance coming from more than just her family, will she be able to make her dreams reality?

The set-up's a little cheezy and the figure art's pretty awkward, but I like the story of a non-girly girl with goals and who has no intention of giving up in the face of adversity. There appear to be hints of a love triangle in the making, as well, which could be either fun or annoying, depending on how things play out.

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