Friday, March 30, 2012

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

By Laini Taylor, 418 pages.

Karou is a master of deception. To her friends, she is a funky art student, a fantastic artist attending a prestigious art academy in Prague. Outrageously talented, though a bit eccentric with her bright blue hair, Karou keeps a sketchbook full of monsters and demons; her imagination seems limitless. What her friends and teachers don't know, however, is that the monsters are real and not monsters at all. They are her family, the strange beings that have raised her from birth and who she visits regularly to run strange errands for. But for all the secrets Karou keeps from others, there are many more she wants to solve herself. What is behind the back door in Brimstone's (her adopted father) shop? What are the teeth that she collects night in and night out used for? Most of all, who is she? Human or chimera? Girl or monster? She is about to find out, and the answers will astound not only Karou, but everyone who reads her story.

I was so excited to pick up this book, and even more excited to not be disappointed. The story is fascinating and the characters relatable, even the 'demons'. My only concern was that the story got a bit bogged down towards the end, a little too much explaining and a great deal is revealed in a very short moment. I would read it again, however, and I am looking forward to the next installment.

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