Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chew: Volume 4: Flambé

by John Layman (story) and Rob Guillory (art), 115 pages

Tony investigates a school rampage instigated by a mind-controlling recipe, goes on a USDA suicide mission to stop production of a bio-weapon, sneaks into Area 51 with his twin sister to foil domestic E.G.G. terrorists, and infiltrates a Kool-Aid-drinking egg cult, all in pursuit of truth, justice, and illegal fowl.

All we learn this volume is that Tony's sister's got a secret of her own, that his boss really wants him dead (which isn't new or surprising, but it's still pretty funny), and that messing with Poyo the fighting rooster is a bad idea (ditto). But in between, we get to watch Tony and John banter as they try to piece together the clues, Savoy expand his mind, the Russian "vampire" gloat, and Tony blush and project little pink hearts whenever he talks to his girlfriend. There's more--some of it icky, some of it cute, most of it amusing. And now I must wait for the next trade (out in April!).

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