Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crimson Hero: Volume 10

by Mitsuba Takanashi, 178 pages

Off the court, Nobara's having a hard time keeping the secret of her and Yushin's new couple status, especially since the once-brooding Haibuki has turned a new leaf and has never been kinder to her. On the court, the Crimson High girls throw themselves into the Newcomer's Tournament against a historically powerful team that has them beat in numbers; but Aiyu Gakuin's girls can't hold a shine to Crimson's unity, trust, and teamwork.

Ooh, see? He may have meant well, but this has got to be the worst idea Yushin has ever had. Duplicity is not compatible with either his or Nobara's naturally open personalities and the two of them are only going to hurt themselves and the people they care about by hiding the truth. That, and Nobara' just going to get more confused by the suddenly solicitous Haibuki's new vulnerability.

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