Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dengeki Daisy: Volume 7

by Kyousuke Motomi, 189 pages

Teru has a distressing encounter with the mysterious Akira, which spurs Kurosaki to embrace his fears and move forward. But will Akira and the others' plans derail the two's progress permanently?

Both the action and emotional storylines pick up the pace in this volume and leave me eager to read the next one. Who is this Akira guy, really? What happened with Kurosaki and Teru's brother Soichiro in the past? How's Kurosaki going to react to the chaotic events of the last chapter? Despite Teru's tendency to melodramatically obsess over Daisy, she and Kurosaki are interesting, likeable characters who are just unpredictable enough to break away from their traditional shojo roots and draw the reader in despite the hokey premise that sets up their story.

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