Friday, March 30, 2012

The Exiled Queen

By Cinda Williams Chima, 586 pages.

This is book two in the Seven Realms series. Princess Raisa has fled the Fells narrowly escaping an illegal forced marriage. Disguised as a soldier, she heads to Oden's Ford to attend the military academy in secret. Meanwhile, Han is also heading towards Oden's Ford, only he will be attending the wizard school. Raisa must keep her identity a secret, but at the same time carve a place for herself and prove that she belongs in the rigorous school. Han is finding himself pulled in many different directions by all the forces that are interested in him.

This was a typical "second in the series" book, not a lot of action, not a lot of momentum, not a lot of issues solved. Chima did keep building her characters, and we find a bit more depth to them in this installment. Certainly not a bad book, but definitely a bridge between the excitement of book one and hopefully an exciting book three.

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