Monday, July 30, 2012

Hikaru no Go: Volume 23

by Yumi Hotta (story) and Takeshi Obata (art), 189 pages

The Hokuto Cup draws to an exciting conclusion and the players are already looking ahead to the next chance to challenge themselves and take the go-world by storm.

The series may be over, but the reader can easily imagine Hikaru continuing to strive forward and catch up to Akira for a lifetime of mutually-fulfilling rivalry.  I do wish we could have seen Sai (the go-playing spirit who inspired Hikaru to play in the first place) again in something more than a flashback, but I'll have to settle for hoping he shows himself in a new player whenever the world once again needs its go-fire rekindled.  Besides, Akira's dad's waiting to play him (or whoever's channeling him) again, too.  Still, I kinda wish there were more volumes, as I'd rather see it than have to imagine it.  *sigh*  :)

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