Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dengeki Daisy: Volume 10

by Kyousuke Motomi, 190 pages

Teru's friend Rena has resigned herself to her upcoming arranged marriage to a powerful young businessman, but when Teru accidentally runs into and is attacked by Akira at the hotel where she was supposed to be lunching with the happy couple, Rena worries that her fiancé's suspicious behavior may be linked to Akira and the others seeking to force Kurosaki's hand.

Yay, Teru's friends (and former harassers) at school look to be getting some page time!  Although we don't see nearly enough of them, the teen side characters of this series are one of its selling points, as they regularly surprise the reader by not filling the roles their "types" normally do.  I appreciate that Motomi makes the effort to slip in a little unpredictability in the character development of even minor members of the supporting cast.

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