Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dengeki Daisy: Volume 9

by Kyousuke Motomi, 192 pages

Teru desperately wants to find Kurosaki, but he's too guilt-ridden to come back.  She does know one way to convince him to come running, but will she really throw herself to the wolves just to see him again?

Ha ha ha.  Teru's always been a little foolhardy, but she's not stupid.  I like that she can be pragmatic and unconcerned about pride (hers or Kurosaki's) when the result is a healthy smack upside the head and a return to togetherness.  Romantic melodrama is not in short supply in this series (especially that loooong stretch in the middle before everybody admitted they knew what they knew), but that's easily dispensed with in favor of more satisfying progress now that everything's out in the open and everyone's on the same page.

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