Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black Bird: Volume 13

by Kanoko Sakurakoji, 192 pages

Hoki, a young member of Kyo's daitengu guard who betrayed his master in order to save one of their own, prepares to accept his fate behind enemy lines.  But his master may have other ideas.
Sho's second life is painful and empty and the only thing that might keep him in it is the one person who's ever shed tears for him--his brother's gentle-hearted wife.  But conflict can only be put off for so long, and he and Kyo begin a final battle that will only end when one of them is dead.

Misao's random teleportation of sorts (it has to do with the out-of-control wards they originally used to protect their domains) right into Sho's hideaway at a moment of weakness for him is certainly convenient, but I guess the author thought that was the easiest way to get him and Misao in a place where they could talk things out without Kyo around to get all bent out of shape about it.  The result is even more sympathy for secretive Sho, as well as a little more approbation of once hot-headed Kyo, who has been gradually more reasonable and understanding the last few volumes.

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