Monday, July 30, 2012

Hark! A Vagrant

by Kate Beaton, 166 pages

This excellent collection of short comic strips riffing on history and literature made me cackle hysterically.  Beaton makes jokes of Macbeth, Andrew Jackson, polite Canadians, and Medieval courtly love.  She contrasts Jane Austen with the Bronte sisters.  She takes classic Edward Gorey (he of the PBS Mystery! series intro animation) cover illustrations and classic Nancy Drew book covers and extrapolates ridiculous plots from the art alone.  The French Revolution.  The travails of Tesla.  And loads more.  Even if you've forgotten a lot of what you learned in school, you'll get the gist of these (and her occasional snarky little commentaries just make it that much funnier).  You'll feel smart!  Your blood pressure will drop to healthy levels!

I got sucked into re-reading bits while trying to write this.  Not the way to be productive, Jennifer!

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