Monday, July 30, 2012

A Devil and Her Love Song: Volume 2

by Miyoshi Tomori, 197 pages

Yusuke continues to try to coach Maria on being more "lovely" (that is, cute and girly) in her behavior and gestures in order to smooth her way with others, but such artifice does not come naturally to her.  Of course, sometimes being "lovely" just means considering other people's feelings before you open your mouth, which Shin does his best to get her to understand, too.  Meanwhile, an inter-school choir competition is coming up and Maria's teacher really has it out for her.

This volume is a marked improvement over the first one.  The character development of the lead quartet is coming along nicely and it's interesting to see how Maria's perceptive nature brings out the truth (and often the best) in the people who give her a chance and stick by her.  She's a little flat herself, still, but little glimmers of growth and expression surface here and there as she deals with and learns from those around her.

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