Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Dark Life (Dark Life #1)" by Kat Falls

304 pages

Ty has lived his entire life under the sea. His family is one of many who settled on homesteads below the surface after global warming caused ocean levels to rise and land became limited. When Ty turns eighteen, he'll stake a claim on some underwater land of his own. That's the plan, anyway, but now a group of bandits is threatening that dream. The outlaws are targeting government supply ships that go to and from the underwater colony, so the politicians are going to shut everything down and make residents move above the surface if the thieves aren't caught. Ty is determined to find them so they don't interfere with his future. With the help of his new friend Gemma, who has come to the colony to find her missing brother, he starts tracking the criminals. Before long, though, Ty and Gemma realize there's a lot more sinister activity going on under the surface than they realized--and the bandits aren't the only ones causing trouble.

Young adult science fiction is hot right now and it's starting to get repetitive, since some authors have jumped on the bandwagon without having anything original. This story, however, is different and I've never read anything quite like it. It almost feels like a western, what with all the bandits and exploration of new territory, but there's obviously some cool new technology involved to keep everyone alive under the surface of the ocean. The idea of living underwater sounds far-fetched, but the author has obviously thought it out well. She has explanations and solutions that make sense for even the tiniest of details when it comes to "dark life." The plot is paced really well and kept me at the edge of my seat, with some surprises that I didn't expect along the way. The ending is satisfying but left be anxious to read the next book in this fresh, entertaining series. 

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