Wednesday, February 29, 2012


By Veronica Roth, 487 pages

This is a dystopian action/finding your identity book and many are designating it as the natural follow-up to the Hunger Games. The story takes place in future Chicago, where society has been divided into factions based on virtues such as bravery and selflessness. The factions are meant to function as a set of balances to ensure that whatever brought the former government down doesn't happen again. Children choose their faction in their sixteenth year, but the catch is that once chosen they must completely devote their lives to the faction. Beatrice has grown up in Abnegation, those who value selflessness, but it has never felt right. She struggles to decide where she belongs, knowing that if she chooses a different faction she will never see her family again. This choice is just the first that she must make and opens the door to not only self discovery, but also the reality of the dangerous situation her society is in.

I think this is a fantastic next book for Hunger Games fans. Roth has created her own story and setting and clearly given it much thought. The underlying political situations are scary and believable, the citizens truly believed that dividing society was the correct choice. But like many good decisions, after time the factions became too divided and distrust and competition has soured the community. Discovering just how precarious the political climate is and the lengths some will go to for power is just the beginning of this mult-dimensional book. I am excited for the next installment!

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