Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward

  pp 301

Lisa Lutz is the author of the Spellman Files mystery books.  I've only read the first one but I really liked it so I felt pretty sure I'd like this too.  I wasn't wrong.  The funny thing about this is that Lisa and her coauthor, David Hayward, used to be a couple.  Just because they broke up didn't mean they couldn't write a book together!  They divided the chapters and in between are their actual comments to each other, via email.  Hilarious...the murder mystery is okay but the premise and how it was carried out was the more interesting piece to me.
Lacey and Paul are siblings whose parents were killed mysteriously several years before the opening scenes of the novel. Then a headless body appears and Lacey believes it's her ex-boyfriend, Hart.  After that the bodies pile up and send Lacey and Paul in many directions trying to fit all the pieces together while keeping Paul's marijuana growing operation secret.  The last chapter wraps it all up but leaves an opening for future collaborations...if they can stand each other long enough to finish another book!
Kim F

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