Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Death Cure" (Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner

325 pages

The background of this story (from the first two books) is too complicated to get into here, so I'll skip the recap and assume you've read The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials. If not, you might not want to read the rest...Anyway, the Scorch Trials are over, the Gladers have their memories back, and now they have to decide whether or not to trust Wicked and help them with their ultimate mission: finding a cure to the deadly flare. But there might be another way...

I was pretty disappointed with this conclusion to the Maze Runner trilogy. I felt like too many things were unexplained or not explained well enough. Maybe I missed something, but I just didn't understand how the Trials were supposed to help Wicked come up with the cure. It seemed set up for convenience. In each of the books, there are considerable portions where the group is basically just running around and I found it hard to follow. However, I did enjoy parts of the story. I like that it isn't exactly clear at times who the "bad guy" is, because I feel like it's more realistic. I was also satisfied with the ending, as I didn't expect the change of events and thought they made sense. Still, I thought the series left a lot to be desired.

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