Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

387 pgs/2012
Cinderella as a cyborg? It could happen! In Marissa Meyer's retelling, Cinderella is a cyborg who was picked up by a family and taken in. Her father has died and her stepmother (who I never understood why she called stepmother, because really it would be her adopted mother, but it has to go with the story I guess) wants nothing to do with her. A plague is tearing through New Bejing and cyborgs are being tested for a cure. When Cinder's stepmother finds out that her daughter has taken ill, she sends Cinder into the testing center and Cinder might just have what they've been waiting for all along. But who exactly-or what exactly is Cinder? And with the prince crossing her path, she can't risk revealing her true identity. A fun futuristic twist on a familiar fairy tale, Cinder is the first in a series with the following books taking on new fairy tales. There are still questions left to be answered, so the book will leave you wanting more.

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