Monday, February 27, 2012


by Lauren Oliver
418 pages

This was my type of dystopian book - all about love with the rebellion bits in the background.

In Lena Haloway's world, love is the cause of everything wrong, so the government has found a cure for this incredulous disease, amor deliria nervosa. At the age of 18, folks get the procedure to rid themselves of it. Not a fun procedure - you're anesthetized, then part of your brain is cut out and you wake not being to feel anything really. She's about three months out from having her procedure when she meets Alex. Alex. The boy who infects her with the disease. Most of the book is about this, him infecting her. And along the way she discovers answers to many of her life questions all while finding out who she really is.  

Granted, I do think that other dystopian novels have better world building. I wasn't completely convinced of this love-is-an-evil world, but again, loved the characters. And no matter how lovey the characters were getting or how thrilling the action was, I always smiled reading the snippets from the Book of Shhh and other prayers and proverbs that began each chapter. From government pamphlets to the retelling of religious stories, they just struck me as amusing.

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  1. I had such a hard time reading this one! I found it so boring. I think I stopped at page 200. I really wanted to like it though.