Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tithe: a Modern Faerie Tale

by Holly Black
331 pages

After returning home from a tour with her mother's rock band, sixteen-year-old Kaye, who has been visited by faeries since childhood, discovers that she herself is a magical faerie creature with a special destiny.

This book was just not my cup of tea. For a few reasons. First, while I like fantasy and magic, I didn’t like the fairies and their world. And I like my heroines “pure” for lack of a better word right now. Kaye smoked, drank and was a high school drop out. I just didn’t want to believe that she could lead. She once uses her magic to enchant her best friend’s (her only friend) boyfriend into falling in love with her. He kisses and gropes all over her. Then when you want to see some groping action between Kaye and Roiben, there’s none.

And even though there may be answers to some of the questions I have in the following books, I don’t think I’ll be reading them.

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  1. This was one of my first Urban Fantasy stories that I've read...and I've never forgotten it. It's gritty and dark, but so much more than that. The characters have depth and are realistic. The Faeries are scary an alluring. Holly Black is such a fantastic writer...all of her books stay with me long after I've read them.