Friday, August 31, 2012

The Arctic Marauder

by Jacques Tardi, 63 pages

After surviving a mysterious tragedy in the arctic seas, rescued passenger Jérôme Plumier notes a pattern of such incidents and begins to follow the trail of clues.  Could they have something to do with his late uncle's tinkering?

This wonderfully illustrated graphic novel takes a most unexpected turn in its plot and tone as the story progresses.  The detailed images look vintage Victorian with a steampunk twist, but the story is sneakily deeper and more twisted than the standard adventure yarn it at first appears.  A cynical tale of human nature's darker side spun with gloomy, subtly sarcastic cheer, The Arctic Marauder seems to be saying something equally applicable to contemporary society as to that of its greedy, murderous, science-touting masterminds of an age gone by.

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